come see our newly renovated restaurant!

Jason Bursey opened Parallel Wine Bistro in 2010.  His extensive restaurant experience and retail wine experience (he was a former co-owner of Ashburn Wine Shop) led him to create the idea of the "complete" wine bar experience:  80+ wines by the glass, self serve wine machines, chef prepared cuisine, impeccable service, a large outdoor seating area with live music, along with a large craft beer selection.

After opening the Ashburn Wine Shop in 2007, Parallel was a conceived concept combining Jason's 12 years in the restaurant industry with his 3 years in wine retail to come up with the perfect "Wine Bar" Concept.  After 5 years of successful "Wine" service, Bursey decided to expand the concept and open his offering to a broader clientele of guests and added over 160+ Bourbons and Whiskies and made Parallel's 100+ craft beer offering more exposed.

“Our family style approach to hospitality creates an Honest and Genuine service – this is paramount to our success and will always be conveyed at our tables.”       ~Jason Bursey~